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This table is contained in a Division Layer. The reason for this is because this template is composed mainly of .jpg images. So to make it easier to make changes to it we use division layers. They are basically transparent boxes that sit on top of other content. Like the images that were made to create this template. Division Layers will also work in Netscape Navigator as well as Internet Explorer.

The navigation menu uses javascript for the rollover effect. This will also render properly in both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

You can use this basic template to create all of your pages with. Just remember that when making changes to the file named "index.html" it is important that you only use the "Save As.." option and NOT the "Save" option. Using the "Save" option will overwrite the original "index.html" file. "Save As.." will actually make a copy of the modified original "index.html" file.

It is also important that you not exceed the space given inside this table because the text will continue to move down the page and actually go over top of sections of the design it is not meant to. So if you need more space, break your text up into additional pages.

This template has been tested in Internet Explorer 5.5+ and Netscape Navigator 4.79 and works properly in both. It has a screen resolution of 800x600. It comes complete with all the .psd files so that you may make changes as you need them using Photoshop 6.0 and higher.

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